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Our store offers a wide variety of scented candles from the world’s top candle manufacturers.
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At our store, you can find candles with the best scents to help you relax and unwind.

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Premium Candles is the leading supplier of scented candles in the USA. We aim to keep the cost of our products friendly, without compromising on our quality at all times.

For Atmosphere

Our candles create a unique atmosphere both at home and work and add softness to your interior.

For SPA and Beauty

Premium Candles’ candles can also be used as a source of unique fragrance for beauty procedures.

Variety of Candles

We offer a wide variety of candles that can be used for different purposes and add some fragrance.

Natural Candles

Premium Candles uses only natural ingredients to make the best candles with unforgettable fragrances.

Benefits of Our Candles

Why Choose Us

Scented candles help to further accentuate an ambiance by engaging one’s olfactory senses and triggering memories. For example, summery scents like mandarin are reminiscent of sunshine, blue skies, and sprightly spirits.

Let essential oils prepare your mind for bed by burning them in a burner or diffusing the scent through the room via a nebulizer or mist diffuser. Beyond calming a harried mind, woody-spicy essential oils such as Frankincense inspire introspection and well-being, making it a great scent to meditate or just unwind to at the end of the day.

The presence of a lit candle lends any room a soft, warm glow of a sophistication that can really set the tone for the evening. A small, flickering flame reminiscent of cozy nights can create a calming, sedative effect, while its ornamental value is enhanced by its shape and the design of its holder. Chunky pillar candles set the stage for a home spa while intricate glass jar candles can add character and flair to the interior design of a room.

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